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Summer 2019 Issue 

International Side Saddle Organization

President's Letter

June 2019


Happy Summer to you all!


It was great to see old friends and meet NEW ones at the Spring Gathering.


We are now turning our heads toward continuing 2019 activities. We urge y’all to take pictures and send us a blurb about your side saddle activities! Share – Share – Share!!


For many that will include some time at the USET in NJ during July. If you haven’t yet participated or attended as an observer – NOW is your chance. Contact Jen Stevenson (610) 914-8031 regarding Camp Leaping Horn (and whether there are any spaces still available) or Dede Parisi at (732) 363-3759 for Show info.


One sad change this year will be – not having the helpful and always delightful presence of Roger Philpot. We all miss him. September 1st will now be one of those hard days to get through. He was the go-to-guy when a SS was being difficult to fit, when we needed someone who could fill us in on the historical aspect of anything side-saddle. We will miss his silly jokes, his encouraging presence, his deep well of SS knowledge, his hugs, his cap being folded up and placed between a student’s right knee and the leaping horn. Bring YOUR Roger-memories to the USET this summer and share with us all.  We will miss him always, but our special memories help us cope.


I look forward to seeing many of you in July at the USET.


Shelly Liggett

Pres., ISSO

Photo Credits: Paws and Rewind