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Fall 2019 Issue 

Fall Camp Leaping Horn

Since I was little, learning side saddle was something that I could have only dreamed of doing. I was drawn to the elegance and pageantry of this magnificent style of riding. Going to Camp Leaping Horn not only gave me an opportunity to join a group of some of the most extraordinary women I have even met and that I now have the pleasure of calling my friends. In the few amazing days I spent at Camp Leaping Horn the wonderful atmosphere inspired me to pursue side saddle fully and gave me the courage to show at the Devon Horse show.

By Pie Kline Truono
Photo credit Dan Truono Sr 

Camp Leaping Horn Fall Edition will take place November 7-9, 2019 in fabled Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Camp will offer mounted and unmounted options, and will culminate with the opportunity to attend or cap a fox chase through the Amwell Valley, courtesy of the Amwell Valley Hounds, on Sunday November 10, 2019.  Whether you are new to fox chasing or a seasoned chaser, our camp offers the opportunity to hone your side saddle skills in a variety of fenced grass fields with the option of natural or stadium jumps.  Full itinerary and more information is available on their website


Look for a write up and photos from Fall Camp Leaping Horn in the next edition of Aside World!  Attending Fall Camp?  Send us your photos and stories!  

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