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Winter 2021 Issue 

Current Projects

I've been making time to catch up on projects.....this is one of my rescues. I was at an estate sale and in with a pile of junk, out peeks the loose leaves of a Jenny Lind fan (Civil War era). My heart skipped a beat.... I very nonchalantly asked, "How much do you want for that old broken fan" and he said, "Just give me a dollar."

I dyed it navy blue, starched the leaves, added a clasp with bone beads, spangles and a silk cord harvested from fans I keep for parts. The feathers are from my boy Argus.

I'd say I got good mileage out of $1!

Submitted by Holly Ray

A few years ago, I fell in love with the dress to the left, credited to Le Palais Galliera, and wanted it to come alive. It started by asking my dear friend Lisa Ann Maxwell to make me the blank lightweight wool garment. I don't care for making the clothes as I am more of a detail person, and I prefer to do my own trimmings. Over the past month, it took about 70 hours, 87 yards of silk soutache, antique silk bauble passamenterie, and flat velvet buttons from Button Baron. I tried to the best of my ability to make it look like the original. It was a rewarding project but I do not want to touch soutache for a long time.

Submitted by Holly Ray

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If you are a member and would like to share your side saddle related project (this can be sewing, horse, leatherwork, etc.) then please email information and pictures to 

Photos above & to the left are of the progress on my workshop. 50+ saddles & trees, tools, chairs, sewing machine, and much more were put into storage while doing remodeling, customizing and insulating of the shop.

Submitted by Jacquelyn Holly

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