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Fall 2019 Issue 

Current Happenings

Spreading some side saddle love to some young people this summer at Owl Ridge Farm. Pie Kline Truono gave a talk and demonstration about side saddle at summer camp on August 15th.

Photo credit Alyssa Piccoli

Video of Krugerand, ridden and owned by Mary Mushino at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show

 Videoed by Chelsae


Photos of Donna Marron riding Deluxe Edition at the Pennsylvainia National Horse Show


Photo Credits: nice stranger named Colleen :)

Current and Upcoming

Side Saddle Event Dates: 


10/1-6 Minnesota Harvest H/J, MN

10/10-19 Pennsylvania National, PA
10/12 Genesee Valley Hunt Races, NY
11/3 Pennsylvania Hunt Cup Races, PA

11/7-11/10 Fall Camp Leaping Horn Stockton, NJ

11/20-24 Fall Fest, GA


2/27-3/1 Pennsylvania World Horse Expo (volunteer for ISSO booth)

March TBA: ISSO Annual Unmounted Meeting & Awards Banquet  

July TBA: Summer Camp Leaping Horn

8/7-8/9 The National Side Saddle Show in UK 

Summer TBA: Potential ISSO Trail Ride


If you know of any additional side saddle related dates you would like added to the calendar please submit to

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