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Fall 2019 Issue 

Current Projects

jump upright.jpg

"After putting up a deck, we had 42 pieces of scrap one foot sections of deck boards I used to make three 12' long gates for Running Cedar Farm and Fall Camp Leaping Horn."

Submitted by Tammie Conway

jump down.jpg
jump start.jpg
coop camp leaping horn sidesaddle.jpg

Photos above are of a 1' coop made by Mr. Josh Himmelberger and Mr. Sean Stevenson, husbands of Jennifer Stevenson, for Fall Camp Leaping Horn's cross country jumping course.  Fall CLH will feature a variety of jumps to help introduce horse and rider to side saddle jumping outside of the ring.

Submitted by Jennifer Stevenson

If you are a member and would like to share your side saddle related project (this can be sewing, horse, leatherwork, etc.) then please email information and pictures to