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Fall 2019 Issue 

Throw Back Corner

Member Pictures

First Picture:

This is CJ Giacomini and the best OTTB gelding Melo at USET headquarters during Camp Leaping Horn aside lesson with Roger Philpot in July of 2018.

Photographer: Barbara Drogo

Second Picture: 

CJ Gacomini on Melo in the "Queens Class" at Liberty Side Saddle Network all aside show at USET in July 2018 wearing her hand made gown.

Photographer: Barbara Drogo

Third Picture:

CJ Gacomini in her modern habit at the Liberty Side Saddle Network all aside show at USET July 2018.

 Photographer: Barbara Drogo 

All Photos taken at the PA Horse Expo in February 2019. Photo credit: Tammie Conway 


First Picture: Little girl in cow costume 

Second Picture: Laureen Bartfield, male visiter, Connie Flannery, and Tammie Conway

Third Picture: Abby Thurston and male visitor

Forth Picture: Shelly Liggett in Victorian habit helping visitor

Fifth Picture: Connie Flannery and Laureen Bartfield 

Sixth Picture: Jeannie Whitted on side saddle

First Picture:

2008 Rusty Stirrups Riding Club Annual Rally, Janet Brown riding Mountain Shadow Delight,

Photographer: Catherine Slusser


Second Picture:

2005 Cedar Creek re-enactment, Janet Brown riding Shaka Zulu


Photographer: Bill Lewis

First Picture: Heidi Opdyke and Anne Moss riding Grace and Rocky at USET headquarters practicing for a pas de deux several years ago.

Photographer: Paws and Rewind

Second Picture: Heidi Opdyke on Cavallo Grigio USET at the USET headquarters around 10 years ago.

Photographer: Unknown

First Picture:

Roger Philpot awarding Laureen Bartfield the Age of Ellegance Award, riding Black Tie at the 2005 Liberty Side Saddle Network show at USET. 

Photographer: BHS Photography


Second Picture:

Laureen Bartfield on Black Tie at Liberty Side Saddle Network horse show 2004 at USET


Photographer: BHS Photography

First Picture:

Abby (Abigail) Thurston on hireling to left and Donna Marron on Deluxe Edition to right hunting in 2018

Second Picture:

Donna Marron on Deluxe Edition to left and Abby (Abigail) Thurston on hireling to right hunting in 2018


Third Picture:

Donna Marron left Abby Thurston center and Pie Truono having some laughs hunting in 2018


All Photographed by a Nice Stranger:)

Throw Back Article

from Aside World July/August 1985

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Laureen and Connie

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