Aside World Magazine

Fall 2019 Issue 

New Member Spotlight: CJ Giacomini





How long have you ridden astride & aside?

I have been riding astride for twenty years and have been riding aside for four years.

What disciplines do you like to ride?

When I am not riding aside, my chosen discipline is jumpers. But I will try anything once.


What first interested you in sidesaddle?

I have always wanted to try new things, especially when it comes to horses and riding. I don't remember what first interested me, other than it would be nifty to give it a try.  

What is your favorite thing to do aside?


The same thing it is to do astride, jump! 

Do you ride one particular horse aside or multiple? Are they new to sidesaddle as well?

I a

Fort the most part, I ride my horse Melo aside. I have also thrown the saddle on my older horse Carlo to see what he would do. Both of them were new to side saddle the first time I rode them aside.

What do you find most challenging aside?


For me the most challenging thing about riding aside is looking elegant. I  have been training horses astride for years so have gotten into the habit sometimes of doing what works , not necessarily what makes me look the best.

What advice would you give someone interested in trying sidesaddle?


Don't stop trying to find a way to try! The community if very helpful and welcoming and we are always happy to help someone learn.


Why did you join ISSO?

To be part of a group  that was passionate and knowledgeable about side saddle, to share the passion and to learn what I can.  


What would you like to see ISSO accomplish in the next few years?


I would love to see ISSO grow and reach more people in the  next few years. Side saddle is too fun to be a dying art.

What do you do when not riding?

When I am not riding I am an avid seamstress, mostly working on garb and costuming for Ren Fairs, and a bookseller.

Photo Credits: Meghan Walker, Barbara Drogo, CJ Giacomini

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