Aside World Magazine

Spring 2021 Issue 

International Side Saddle Organization

President's Letter

Spring 2021


Happy Summer to all!  I am extremely excited and honored to have been elected President of this amazing group.  


Our annual meeting was quite different this year. However, by being virtual we were able to reach the far stretches of our membership.  The input we received was amazing. See, some good things have come out of this pandemic!  The topics were diverse and informative as usual, covering an array of material. I always learn so much, but still have so much to learn.


Hopefully, we are at the tail end of the restrictions and can forge ahead with new perspectives.  Camp Leaping Horn is right around the corner. It is being held at USET the week of July 26 through 29, 2021. Friday night we plan on hosting a wonderful reception to then kick off ISSO’s Side Saddle Show that follows on Saturday, July 29th. We are very excited, as this it the first live Show that ISSO will be putting on in place of Liberty.  Please check out our prize list as we are only offering the unrated show this year.

ISSO has made some great changes to our point system and rules. It is our hope that these changes are beneficial to ALL of our members.  Highlighted is a flat membership fee which  includes all the horses that a side saddle person rides in the given year.   If you have any additional thoughts, questions or recommendations about our rules or point system please feel free to reach out to us. We are all ears.

We hope that you all have a prosperous and active Summer. 

Kick on and have some fun!

Pie Truono


Large Heated Indoor

at Cedar Rock Ranch

Annual Meeting March 2021