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Winter 2021 Issue 

International Side Saddle Organization

President's Letter

February 2021

Happy New Year!  This new year brings with it some old and some new challenges.  The political landscape has changed significantly, but COVID-19 still plagues us.  And, I don't think there is a horseperson out there who is enjoying the weather that we have had the last few weeks.  Much of the country, from the northern parts all the way to Texas, is suffering from cold and snow.  If you are in the south, you are trudging through mud and muck up to your eyeballs.  But, our horses and other critters still require care and we happily (mostly) "get 'er done".  

Aside from weather, COVID restrictions have impacted clinics, shows and foxhunting.  This includes the upcoming Annual ISSO Gathering and Awards Ceremony.  For the first time this year, we will be presenting this event virtually. We have a great lineup of presentations that you will be able to enjoy from the comfort of your home.  We will also post awards and those will be mailed to the winners.  We have some stunning ribbons and awards thanks to our Secretary, Tammie Conway.  Tammie always goes the extra mile to make this special for all. 

It is encouraging to see the growth of our sideways obsession across the world.  More and more ladies (and a few gents) have been sharing their new found love of sidesaddle on social media, whether that is a first ride aside, or a sidesaddle find at an estate sale. ISSO has new members from various countries and we will be endorsing new instructors in some of those countries as well. 


Part of the ISSO Annual Gathering includes elections of Board Members.  There will be a few seats that are up for election this year.  If you are interested in joining our Board, please let one of our members know.  Or, if you are interested in helping the organization in any way, we would be happy to have you.  Also, we are always looking for articles for the Aside World.  If you want to share your review of an event, or tell us the story of how you fell in love with riding aside, just let us know.  Tammie Conway is our Editor Supreme and would appreciate your submissions.


I hope to see you all at "The Gathering". More information is contained in this issue.  Until then, stay warm, dry, and HEALTHY!


Yours Aside, Laureen

Laureen Bartfield, DVM CVA CVSMT

ISSO President

Large Heated Indoor

at Cedar Rock Ranch

Annual Meeting March 2021

Virtual Meeting


march 20 & 21, 2021

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