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Summer 2019 Issue 

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ISSO President

Letter from

ISSO's President

From the Desk of

Mrs. Shelly Liggett

Award Winners

We're pleased to introduce the 2018 ISSO Award winners!  

2019 Annual Meeting


Thank you for joining us!  

Camp Leaping Horn

and Side Saddle at the USET Return July 2019!

New Member Spotlight

Welcome to Natasha Santana!


Enjoy the fun and benefits of joining ISSO!

Current Projects

See our member spotlight

side saddle projects.

Side Saddle

Word Find

Can you find all of these words?

DOESKIN                WHIPPY                  MAYHEW               OWEN

FIXED                     HEAD                    LEAPING                HORN

GIRTH                     UPRIGHT                STIRRUP                 LINEN

Classified Ads

Side Saddles and side saddle accessories

A Day at the Races

An article by Jenny Kobilinski

Jumping Clinic

Jumping Clinic Article from


Side Saddle Trivia


  1. When was ISSO founded?​

  2. Who founded ISSO?​

  3. Who is ISSO’s current president?​

  4. What is the typical stirrup fitting on a Martin & Martin saddle called?​

  5. What is the strap that goes from girth area to cantle area to keep saddle secure?


  1. 1974 2. Charlotte Kneeland 3. Shelly Liggett 4. bullseye 5. balance strap

Current Happenings

Be in-the-know about current and upcoming side saddle events!

Side Saddle Treasures

Side saddle treasures and antiques submitted by our members.

Throw Back Corner

Throwing it back with old phots and side saddle articles!

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