Aside World Magazine

Spring 2021 Issue 

Review of Equestic

Article by Kate Hopkins

Last year was full of ups and downs. I began my search to find a new equine partner and through a series of serendipitous events, I found Merlin. I could tell this whole story here…but this is a product review. In September Merlin traveled north and we moved into a new barn with a beautiful indoor with the plan to work all winter in training and lessons to be ready for the 2021 reopening of the world.

Best laid plans oft go astray.

In November I had a mysteriously lame horse. After multiple vet visits, Merlin was diagnosed with a hind high suspensory strain. Stall rest, lots of stall rest……weeks of hand walking. A combination of stall rest, shockwave therapy and chiropractic resolved the issue and we are back to work rebuilding lost muscle and months of training.

But what does this have to do with a product review? During the frustration of his recovery and a pandemic I had far too much time to spend looking at horsey products on the internet.

There are many products on the market that measure your equine partners heart rate, breathing and length of ride. Some GPS track the length of a ride and show it on a map, others do EKGs while you are riding. Most are very expensive if they actually are measuring anything of the horse aside from tracking with your phone.

I stumbled across a device website called Equestic. This simple saddle clip seemed to boast an ability to measure the time spent on each rein, the time spent at each gait, the impulsion of each gait, the BPM…and the evenness of the trot. This last feature is used to track many things…including injury recovery or early signs of on coming issues.

I began using the clip while I was still hand walking. This data was mostly to aid in the evenness of direction and length of time. Once I was permitted to return to under saddle work and the trot, it was easy to see the continued weakness in the left hind….I could track it slowly recovering.

During this recovery, the stats were invaluable. There was improvement that could be seen and I could share the data with my Vet as a objective review of the progress. As we closed in on being allowed to canter, Merlins stats suddenly became worse. I gave him a little time off, tried returning to hand walking, or shorter ride times….it did not help. What did help was the information provided by the clip. It showed that unlike his consistent left unbalance….now it was all over the place. Left sometimes, right sometimes and often switching each day. It was this clear information that allowed the Vet and I to look at his back/SI and discover that through the recovery he was severely out of alignment from the compensation. 3 chiropractic visits later, he was like a new horse!

The Equestic clip is produced in the Netherlands and costs $199 at full price. They often run specials….as of this writing, it is on sale for $149. In addition to the clip you will need a subscription for the most detailed information. This subscription can be for 1 or multiple horses and can include different levels of information and data. The customer service is excellent. My first clip arrived and was not working. After a quick battery change with no success, they quickly sent out a replacement.

I currently track two horses with the clip and maintain a Pro subscription. I am about to order a second clip to leave with my trainer to use on Merlin when I am out on the road. I will be able to see his progress and she will be able to see mine as I continue to work with Cheff.

Reasonable price and can be used without the subscription (less info provided)
Easy to use
Can use with multiple horses (subscription required unless you have multiple accounts, one horse per free account)
Excellent customer service
Provides an amazing amount of information for the price
Will alert you if it has moved to an unreadable angle
Has a chirp feature to identify clip (useful when you knock it off dismounting in the arena and did not notice)

Doesn’t measure horses heart rate
Subscription required for best information
Doesn’t record data if it isn’t placed correctly
Long shipping time if not sent express (comes from the Netherlands)

For more information.

Equestic Saddleclip - The world's leading Horse Tracker and App

clip on saddle.jpg

Clip is placed on near side

of the saddle flap

clip is attached to near side of saddle
evaluation of single rides trot.jpg

Evaluation of a single rides trot rhythm

showing single ride.jpg

Showing a single ride, the timing, rein/direction and gait of a ride... if used with a Pivo camera, this allows you to look at a specific time in the ride to view any questionable rhythm, jump or transition.

tracking transitions in single ride.jpg
showing last 10 rides.jpg

Photo to left is of tracking transitions in a single ride.

Photo above is showing the last 10 rides- intensity, gait, length, and dates. 

Thank you Kate!

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