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Aside World Magazine
Holiday  2021 Issue 

Thank You From ISSO

As this year is drawing to an end and we reflect back on all that has happened in the world and specifically with ISSO, I am reminded of the many projects our organization has accomplished through the hard work and dedication of our fabulous members and generous supporters. I am in awe of how many people have volunteered countless hours over not only the last year but for decades to help promote this elegant art of riding and ensure that it is preserved for future generations. It is through each of your efforts that we have such a wonderful organization and can impact the people we do with high quality education and an inclusive environment.


We are blessed to have so many people give freely of their time writing interesting and diverse articles for our publication, both members and non-members, all for the love of side saddle and would like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped support ISSO and Aside World over this last year through donations, writing articles, giving of their time, providing discounts, etc.  We could not publish or do all that we do without you. 


Please see the list below of this year’s contributors and consider visiting their websites and/or Facebook pages to drop them a personal note thanking them for how they have impacted you and consider supporting their business' when you are looking for side saddle items since they are actively supporting your organization. I am a firm believer in supporting local artisans, craftsman, and business as they are usually the first ones to volunteer of their limited resources expecting nothing in return.


We would also like to give a HUGE “Thank You!” to our judges for our various events over the last year. Park Lady Equestrian Costumes, did a wonderful job judging our 2020 Hat Contest which included Fancy Hat, Fascinator, Helmet Hide, and Throw Back sections. We are also extremely grateful to have had three wonderful judges donate their time over the last year judging our online virtual shows. Stacey Rusic (owner of Same Side Equestrian) , Lottie Parkin, and Lee McLean of Keystone Equine each provided insightful feedback and had the hard job of judging our wonderful entries. Lou Steinfort graciously "judged" most of our mock show in July after Camp Leaping Horn and the participants as well as auditors had nothing but glowing remarks. We all learned so much about all aspects of showing and gained some tid-bits to take home to work on. Kate Hopkins "judged" one class at the same event and did an excellent overview of historical and costume showing here in the US (to read about this event go to the Summer/Fall Edition of this year's Aside World via this link). We really appreciate all the time, knowledge, and experience that each judge gave to ISSO in these events throughout the year!

We also need to set aside time to thank our incredible president, Pie Truono, who has done a phenomenal job leading the organization with her passion and professionalism. She has pushed the board to up our performance and has single-handedly consolidated The Side Saddlery into a more manageable and streamlined operation now mostly offering patterns and books. 

On behalf of the entire membership and the Board, we would like to again express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding efforts and fantastic job our supporters have shown over the last year to ISSO and the endless hours you have spent working to improve our organization. Due to this dedication we have experienced growth in our organization, we achieved many goals set for 2021 and look forward to further improving our organization in the years to come with your continued support. Again, thank you for your hard work and commitment that has made this the best year, we couldn't have achieved this without you and your support!


With deep appreciation,

​Tammie Conway

ISSO Secretary and Co-Editor of AW

Thank You to Our Supporters and Contributors:

In Alphabetical Order, click on underlined businesses for links


Routine Article Submitters:

Additional Donators and Contributors:

  • Laureen Bartfield

  • Stacey Sofia Clarke

  • Stephanie Conway

  • Chase Day

  • Shelly Liggett

  • Sarah McKay

  • Anne Snipes Moss

  • Heidi Opdyke

  • Carla Peetros

  • Joan Ringler

  • Kit Roszko

  • Jennifer Stevenson of Paws and Rewind

  • Dan Truono

  • Arthur Walker

  • Jeannie Whited

***I apologize in advance if I have mistakenly forgotten to thank anyone, I have worked hard to ensure everyone was accounted for but am human.

If such a mistake has occurred please contact and we will gladly add you to the above list***

If you would like to announce important information in the next Aside World please email so that we can feature it!

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