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Fall 2020 Issue 

Throw Back Corner

Member Pictures

Some pictures of Laureen Bartfield's memories over the years at Liberty Side Saddle Network USET Summer show

Picture to Left of Miles Fiedalis Photo Credit: Paws and Rewind  Photography


Picture to Right of ribbons won and beautiful K&N Side Saddle

Photo Credit: Laureen Bartfield

Picture Below Left of

Tammie Conway and Megas Golden Sol at Running Cedar Farm

Photo Credit: Cephas Stone Photography

Picture Above to Right:  

Stephanie Hayes on TK and Tammie Conway on Megas Golden Sol- First Side Saddle Hunt - Commonwealth Fox Hounds.   

Photo Credit: Nice Stranger at Hunt

Picture Far Left:

Hope Montgomery Scott Award from 1996 from ISSO to Kit Roszko

Picture Near Left:

Lifetime Achievement Medal awarded to Kit Roszko from ISSO and old style ISSO lapel pin prior to logo change.

Picture to Left:  Devon Zebrovious on Barney  

Photo Credit: Tony Quinlivan

Picture Above Right: Piedmont Opening Hunt 2019- George Kuk, Devon Zebrovious, and Michelle Craig

Photo Credit: Middleburg Photography

Picture Above: John Samtak in Grooms Class on Tracey Brennan's horse, Beau, at 2015? USET show

Photo Credit: Susan Data-Samtak (Tracey is at Beau's head)

Picture to Left: Kate Hopkins in Costume class 5-6 yrs ago on Baron at USET show

Photo Credit: Paws and Rewind


Picture Below Left: Marybeth Walker on Bethje in a green velvet habit created from a fashion engraving from Aug 1865 issue of LaMode Illustree.  

Photo Credit: Arthur Walker

Picture Below Right:  Marybeth Walker on Bethje in 2013 in heavy cotton twill habit made by Recollections.

Photo Credit: Arthur Walker

Can you guess

who is in the photos to the left and the right?? 

Hint: It's two different people

Throw Back Article

from Side Saddle News January/February 1985

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