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Spring 2021 Issue 

Throw Back Corner


Photo Above of Lou Bowling Steinfort's car and fabulous license plate! 

Photo to Left of Louis Steinfort and Oscar in 2012 at Upperville Horse Show.

Photo Credit Teresa Ramsay Photography


Photo Above of Pie Truono and Reno at The 2019 Devon Horse Show in the Ladies Side Saddle Under Saddle Class. 

Photo Credit Caitlin Boyle. 

Photo to Right of Reno (Pie Truono's warmblood) and Alvaro (Abigail Thurston's Mustang) at Side Saddle at the USET show 2018.

Photo Credit Paws and Rewind

Holly Ray and Frisco

Photo to Left of Holly Ray riding Frisco first time aside in Rodger Philpot lesson in 2014.

Photo Credit Paws and Rewind

Photo Below of child's side saddle Tammie Conway saw at the local county fair back in 2012.

IMG_3459 (4).JPG
IMG_3351 (1).JPG

Photo Above Tammie Conway and Kate Hopkins working on Tammie's first habit at Shelly Liggett's house in 2018.

Photo Credit Jennifer Stevenson

Photo Above is of Tammie Conway with Kate Hopkins helping to make her first apron in 2017.

Photo Credit Cara Peetros


Above Photo of Tammie Conway's horse trailer license plate.

Photo to Right, Below, and Right Below of Stacie Sofia Clarke in 2020. Photo Credit for all are Pat Blair


Throw Back Article

from Side Saddle News May 1976


Please submit your side saddle throw back pictures to

(Photo credit must be included. If the photo is from a professional photographer, a photo release is required). 

Throw Back Article

from Side Saddle News January 1975


Throw Back Word Puzzle

from Side Saddle News March 1981