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Winter 2021 Issue 

Throw Back Corner

Photo Above of Jeannie Whited and Equishare Bonnie over fences at one of the USET Liberty Side Saddle Network shows.

PC Paws and Rewind

Photo Above of Marybeth Walker on Bethje lead by Arthur Walker at one of the Side Saddle at the USET Shows. 

PC: Paws and Rewind

Photo Below of John Samtak erecting chains for the ring one year at a Side Saddle at the USET Show.

PC Paws and Rewind

Photo Above of side saddle cover won by Shelly Liggett for 2003 Champion from Side Saddle at the USET show. PC Tammie Conway

Photo Below of Shelly Liggett riding Jimmie while donning her Breast Cancer garb for a parade.

PC Paws and Rewind

Photo Below of Barb Drogo, Carolyn Penna, and Kate Hopkins along with some others hanging out at Camp Leaping Horn in 2018. PC Tammie Conway

Photo Above of Shelly Liggett in her beautiful historical outfit at Side Saddle at the USET. PC Paws and Rewind

Photo to Right is of Laureen Bartfield in front of Porter and Tammie Conway at Camp Leaping Horn. PC Tammie Conway 

Throw Back Article

from Side Saddle News April/May/June 1989

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