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2021 Hat Contest

We are excited to announce our Annual Hat Contest!

Winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting and Clinic in March of 2022 (check out the website for upcoming finalized date).


Four categories to be judged.  Categories 1-3 MUST be

accompanied by a photo taken in 2021.  Category 4

MUST be accompanied by a photo taken prior to 2021.

  1. Helmet Hides (for those riding)

  2. Fascinators

  3. Fancy Dress

  4. Throw-Back Hat (Any of the aforementioned categories worn before 2021.)

You are welcome to submit as many hats and categories as you would like, the more the better! Store bought or home-made, we don’t care-everything counts. You just need to be a member to be qualified! With Halloween, Fox Chasing Balls, Steeplechase, Christmas parties, parades, and New Year’s coming up this is the perfect opportunity to show off those amazing hats and win a prize to boot! You can submit photos of your hat on our ISSO Facebook page (if you aren't a fan then follow us!) or via email at

Official Rules: 

  1. We  need your name, picture of you wearing the hat, and photo credit.

  2. You MUST be a current ISSO member to be eligible to participate!

  3. Add #ISSOHatContest to the post.

  4. Winner to be announced at the Annual Meeting in 2022.


Submissions are due January 15, 2022 for photos taken by December 31, 2021. Check back for voting details. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to!

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