Current Point Standings

To be eligible to earn points, you must be a member in good standing and register yourself and your horse(s). After registration, the Points Secretary will contact you if more information is required.

Of course, if you have questions, please contact her!

Points accrue from January 1 through December 31 of the year in which they are earned. Points submitted late or without correct documentation are not eligible. If you have any questions about the rules - we know people have them!

Please contact the Points Secretary for clarification.

We have started an Aside Mileage Challenge (that recognizes the many miles ridden aside on the trails and elsewhere inside or outside the arena) with awards at 25, 50, 100, and 250 miles (whichever is the highest).



Year End Divisions:

Competitive Mounted

Non-Competitive Mounted



Virtual Shows

Divisions will be divided on English, Western, and Costume as entries allow.

Year End Age Brackets as well. Click here for Rules

New for this year: ISSO Aside Mileage Challenge


Year End 2020 Standings:

Competitive Mounted

Jacquelynn Holly 74 points

Mary Mushino 64 points

Jeannie Whited 28

Non-Competitive Mounted

Jacquelynn Holly 370 points

Laureen Bartfield 90 points

Mary Mushino 40

Jeannie Whited 10

Tammie Conway 10


Jacquelynn Holly 680 points

Shelly Liggett 400 points

Laureen Bartfield 360 points

Tammie Conway 340 points

Jennifer Stevenson 310 points

Barbra Drogo 175 Points

Pie Truono 160 Points

Sara Brown 160 Points

Marybeth Walker 160 Points

Savannah Grace Holly 95 Points



Virtual Shows and Events

Pie Truono  2851 points

Tammie Conway 1481 points

Jacquelynn Holly 1283 points

Savannah Grace Holly 603 points

Jeannie Whited 242 points

Marybeth Walker 195 points

Laureen Bartfield 168 points

Sarah McKay 158 points

Carla Peetros 76 points

Barbara Drogo 62 points

Stephanie Conway 48 points

Donna Marron 34 points

Aside Mileage Challenge

Jacquelynn Holly  213.3 miles

Savannah Grace Holly  27 miles

Tammie Conway  25.7 miles

Laureen Bartfield  8.7 miles

Marybeth Walker  4.1 miles

Above points are final for 2020 show season.

Friendly REMINDER, we ARE enforcing the 30 day post event deadline rule again this year so please remember to submit points through the website's "ISSO Points Submission" tab at the top of the page for them to count!

We don't want you to work and not be rewarded.  

If you have any questions please email pointssecretary 

We would like to thank

Park Lady Equestrian Costumes 

for judging our 2020 Hat Contest.

The winners will be announced at the

Annual Meeting on March 20, 2021


Programs we are continuing this year include a Virtual Show category for year end awards,

the ISSO Aside Mileage Challenge, and 2021 Hat Contest. Please click on link for further information

or reach out to