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Aside Mileage Challenge Rules and Guidelines

This is a challenge against yourself with ISSO rewarding you in the end!


Members riding aside on an equine can earn credit and be recognized for the number of miles they cover. If you are riding in a side saddle, we encourage you to use an app to track time spent in the saddle promoting this beautiful art and log it to get credit!


This is a cumulative recognition award for the most number of miles completed January 1st to December 31st of the current year. The program is intended to encourage members to ride aside so others may see this elegant way of riding and recognize these achievements of members in all activities, not only on trails but also in parades, demonstrations, showing, lessons, etc.

 Multiple equines may be used by the same rider to achieve miles. If the rider and equine are registered in the Awards Program, they remain eligible to receive the appropriate points in Competitive and Non-Competitive categories in addition to earning cumulative mileage.

It can be difficult for people to determine how far they have ridden so we highly suggest you use a GPS tracking app on your phone or watch such as Relive, Map My Ride, Equilab, or something similar to keep track and submit screen shots to the points secretary through the website. If unable to do this you may be able to ride a trail with known, marked mileage (send picture with submission). For occasions where this is not possible, the following general guidelines have been established:

  • 3 hrs walking equals 10 miles

  • 2 hours moderate trotting or running walk equals 10 miles

  • 1 hr of trot/canter/ gallop equals 10 miles.

You may learn to estimate your own horse's speeds with some accuracy by riding over a measured, set distance and timing yourself. Over a one mile distance, if you are taking this much time, you are going this fast:

(Time for one mile, Miles per hour)

  • 2 minutes, 30 mph

  • 5 minutes, 12 mph

  • 10 minutes, 6 mph

  • 15 minutes, 4 mph

  • 20 minutes, 3 mph

  • 30 minutes, 2 mph

Mileage measured by GPS is the preferred way of calculating your ride and we feel the most accurate/reliable way for us to know and for everyone to be on same footing however this program is intended to be a challenge against yourself to see how many miles you can ride in a given year.

Mileage recognition awards are awarded for the following mileage achievements for this year for highest mileage achieved (if we have people exceeding these then we will address on case by case basis):

  • 25 miles

  • 50 miles

  • 100 miles

  • 250 miles

Mileage should be submitted monthly, but no more then 30 days from date. All mileage for the previous year must be submitted no later than January 15th of the following year in order to count. Mileage must be submitted in the appropriate form on the website at to the points secretary. 

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