Side Saddle Related Books, Tapes, and Other Media

THE HABIT AND THE HORSE, a rare, limited edition book reprinted in 1984 by the International Side Saddle Organization. This is the reproduction of the original book that was printed in 1857.

It is a "Treatise on Female Equitation" written by Mrs. J Stirling Clarke. Illustrated by Herbert Watkins. Originally printed in London. Reprinted in USA. $150.00

by Charlotte Brailey Kneeland

A primer for novice side saddle riders, SIDE SADDLE RIDING FOR BEGINNERS fills a niche; a simple, clear, step by step method for finding the right horse and side saddle, dressing correctly and equitation which will produce a comfortable, secure and elegant rider. Over 125 drawings by Jan Olson Floyd emphasize the points made in the text. $34.95



A perfect companion to Kneeland's "Side Saddle Riding for Beginners." The video is a must for all side saddle riders. It covers many aspects of side saddle riding including saddle seat and stock seat attire. Narrated by Audrey Bostwick, Shelly Liggett and Rhonda Watts. $ 30.95

by Robin Brueckmann.

This is an OUT OF PRINT edition of an excellent and well illustrated soft cover book. Call or email for availability. $40.00

SIDE SADDLE RIDING - limited availability call!
by Janet MacDonald

A complete guide to the elegant art of side saddle. Basic principles and advanced riding techniques are explained together with information on competing, correct dress, tack and the selection and training of suitable horses. OUT OF PRINT - Please Check with us for availability $50.00

by Laurie Winn Carlson

A brand new book about the women of the Rocky Mountain Mission, what their lives were like in the 1830's. A very interesting book. $19.95

Riding Cross Country Out of Print, Limited Availability - Call!
by Martin Diggle $21.50

Take Back Control
by Allyn Maix

A program for lower back pain $ 15.00

by Jane Pryor

Jane Pryor's Side-Saddle is the newest book on the topic, released in May 2007, and is one of the Threshold Picture Guide series. Despite its small size, it is full of information. Even a highly experienced rider may well find some new nugget of useful information in this text. $ 12.95

Cross Saddle & Side Saddle
by EVA Christy Out of Print antique

A classic book covering the transition period when women rode both astride and aside. Wonderful illustrations. Out of print, hard to find. $ 100.00

Riding Out In Style: a visual guide to Women's Equestrian Dress, side-saddles, and Accessories
by Penny J Housden

NEW! An aid for students of equstrian fashion history and saddlery, and participants of Costome Concours d'Elegance and historical side-saddle riding classes. This book can serve as a guide to the equestrian costume historian with numerous black and white pictures and hand-colored fashion plates, cartes de viste and cabinet cards to illustrate the costumes of the various eras. It also illustrates items from the Side Saddle Lady Collection of riding habits, side-saddles, whips and accessories. 45 pages in length, densely illustrated, including many color plates. $65.00

Out Of Print - awaiting second edition!

If Wishes Were Horses... Beggars Could Ride by E.V.A. Christy

A wonderful vintage book written in 1947. Christy taught a great many riders in the early part of the 1900's, and was author of other books, including Modern Side-Saddle Riding and Cross Saddle and Side Saddle. This book focuses on riding astride, but has section titled Riding for the Disabled. This is a unique look at riding for disabled riders, including adaptations of the side saddle for disabled riders, including wounded war veterans with amputations following WW II.$45.00


Modern Side-Saddle Riding by E.V.A. Christy

Special edition printed by ISSO in 1985 of the original 1907 book. Out of Print - one coming in April! $125.00

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