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Allison is shown taking a coop at the Chula Homa Hunt's opening meet in 2005. She's riding her 12 year old Thoroughbred mare, A Merry Chase. Allison has owned A Merry Chase since she was a three year old and trained her herself.

Allison's saddle is an antique Whippy, which she estimates at about 1900 vintage.

The Chula Homa Hunt is registered with the Master of Foxhound Assosciation of Mississippi and is in it's 25th year of hunting in central Mississippi.

Karen Allred is credited by Allison for being her side saddle mentor. With Karen's inspiration and help, the hunt boasts five lovely and elegant ladies riding aside. They call themselves "The Vixens" and of course, to be a member of their group, you must hunt and ride aside. Being gorgeous while you do it is a necessary requirement of membership in their fun crew.

Nicole Hanley of Australia offered help and email advice from afar. Teaching anything over the internet isn't easy, but these ladies have managed to do so quite well.

Thank you, Allison for sending this great photo and your story.