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Aside World Magazine
Summer/Fall 2021 Issue 

Book Club Discussion:
side-saddle riding for beginner's by Charlotte Kneeland

Moderator: Tammie Conway

While talking to a couple people at Camp Leaping Horn in July a bright idea popped into my head so I posed it to the group...

Would our members like to start a virtual book club???

They said "Yeah, I would do it!" So next I posed the question to ISSO's Facebook page and was pleasantly surprised with the response. Everyone who replied said it was a good idea and were interested. We decided to start with the classic book "side-saddle riding for beginners" by Charlotte Bradley Kneeland. Most people already had the book, it is reasonable to buy if not, and if you need a copy The SideSaddlery has copies available to buy so it was a logical one to start with.

side saddle riding for beginners.jpg

I asked for people to send in their response with overall how they liked the book, any parts they think are new ideas to them, and/or great points that they think people should know.

Here are the responses I received:

From Barbara Drogo:

Book Club "Sidesaddle Riding for Beginners" - my comments.

1. I like how, on page 35, she uses an illustration of a rider who is in a poor position, and she then takes it step by step with instructions to correct her. What a great way of breaking it all down, and also putting the reader at ease about their own challenges with position.

2. On page 36 I noticed that she says, "We have asked her to bring her left hip forward (not upward)." I had never noticed that! I can't wait to try "forward" instead of "upward" to see how that affects my position.

3. I had also not noticed the step by step instructions on page 45 on how to fold an apron. It's so helpful to see it as an illustration.

From Pie Truono:

This was the very first Side Saddle book I purchased and I love it.   The illustrations are simple but informative and the book covers a lot of important basic information.   I definitely recommend this wonderful book to all side saddle riders regardless of experience!   

From Stephanie Conway:


I think this book is well worth the money and is very informative. For someone that is very new to side saddle it helped explain a lot. I really liked showing how to fold the apron & will keep a copy on hand to remind me. I also liked how to tie your stock tie since I have had to get someone else to do it in the past. The only thing I did not like with was the statements about not keeping a horse that is not a pleasure to ride and to "part with them". 

From Tammie Conway: 

I must say I really LOVE this book. I think it is fabulous for not only beginners but also those that have ridden side saddle for years. I read it when I first started side saddle and thought it explained a lot but then for this book club I re-read and was delighted to see that I found new tidbits I had either missed the first time or totally forgot.


Some thoughts I came across...

1) I am surprised that they did not show an example of a Martin & Martin saddle with the bulls eye stirrup fitting.

2) The diagram of how to put your rain gloves and explanation of holding the hunt whip are great for those starting out.

3) I, like Barbara, found the pictorial progression of fixing rider position very methodical.

4) Years ago I did not understand, but now after seeing an older style apron, the section on fastening the button around your lower leg made sense. 

5) The page on folding an apron and  tying a stock tie are always a good refresher.

6) If I had to pick my favorite part of the book for the more experienced rider, it is the section on posting trot which was the same way Rodger Philpot had taught me in a lesson.


If you would like to suggest a side saddle book for our book club to read for the next Aside World

please leave a message on Facebook or email

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