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Aside World Magazine
Winter 2022 Issue 

Cross Cultural Programs in Side Saddle

Article and Photos provided by: Pat Blaire

Oregon Ladies Aside has partnered with La Pena Charra del Oeste de Oregon y Washington to develop and produce cross cultural programs that promote the side saddle sisterhood.  Our plans for 2022 will include youth programs, sidesaddle performances, and clinics in the traditional sidesaddle riding styles of Mexico, England and the American West. We are honored to be working with Maru Garcia, National Coordinator Escaramuzas, of the Federacion Mexicana de Charreria.


Developed in the early 1950s, Escaramuza is an important event in the Mexican National Sport of La Charreria which is similar to American rodeo sports. Escaramuza, which translates to “skirmish” is a female equestrian competition that involves riding patterns and exercises at speed in the Albarda saddle. The sport has local, regional, state and national competitions. There are strict requirements for clothing and tack that preserve the culture and traditions of Mexico.


The saddle ridden in Escaramuza is a man’s astride saddle without the roping horn. The upright, crutch and leaping horn are metal additions. And the sling seat is 4-5” above the saddle so the rider has no seat contact with the horse.  The saddle can be ridden aside or astride with comfort.  The bridle and reins are all leather of traditional design with reins that are much shorter than Western reins.  Western bridles, bits and Western tack are never worn with the Albarda.


Riding the Albarda requires aids very similar to reining in a Western side saddle. The horse must be trained to neck rein due to the rider not having any seat contact.


Clinics for the spring and summer months are now in the planning stages. Teaching our friends to ride Western and English side saddles while we learn to ride the Albarda is going to be fun for all!

Oregon Ladies Aside's first joint effort of 2022 will be the Washington State Horse Expo. A booth for all three days and a performance with Charro Mendoza Esmeraldas in the Saturday Night Extravaganza will be a great way to start the new year!

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Thank You Pat Blaire

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side saddle and OLA for updating us on upcoming side saddle events!

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