Submitted by Robin Scarborough, DVM

It is with a very heavy heart that I report the passing of Chummie, my life long side saddle partner and companion.

Bruce and I returned home from the Side Saddle at USET show only to find Chummie standing in his stall with his head hanging in the corner. We unhitched the photography trailer, hitched up the horse trailer, and immediately shipped him to the Equine Medical Center at Morven Park. It quickly became evident that he was in real danger from a combination of renal failure and colic. Despite intensive fluid therapy, he deteriorated severely overnight, and by this morning he was losing fluid faster than it was physically possible to pump it in; his prognosis very bleak, we made the painful decision to let him go. I stayed with him until the very end, determined that as I had been there when he entered the world, I would be also be there for him when he left it.


We said our goodbyes, and sadly brought home an empty horse trailer.


Robin Altstatt Scarborough, DVM

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