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Aside World Magazine
Winter 2022 Issue 

Current Happenings Winter 2022
Current and Upcoming

Side Saddle Event Dates: 

Start submitting your photos

NOW for the

****Year End Awards Banquet****

We would love photos taken in 2021 that you would like

in the Yearbook Video as well as Year End Prize Video.

Photos Due by March 7th, 2022

For photos to be considered, please include "year end photo" as well as caption including rider name, horse name, and photo credit

when submitted to

ISSO Election Ballot goes out by

February 18, 2022

You will be getting your ballot via email so please make sure your current

email is on file with ISSO. If in doubt please contact the membership chair.

**Ballots DUE by noon EST March 19, 2022**

Washington State Horse Expo

Oregon Ladies Aside and Charro Mendoza Esmeraldas

Saturday Night Extravaganza

March 5, 2022

International Side Saddle Association

Annual Meeting and Virtual Clinic

Zoom Meeting

March 19, 2022

**Click here to Buy your TICKET**

Sides Saddle Clinic Joint Hosting by

Idaho Sidesaddle Association and

International Side Saddle Organization

Boise, Idaho

May 14-15, 2022

Idaho Sidesaddle Association

Charra Demonstration

Boise, Idaho

May 16, 2022


The National Side Saddle Show

Bury Farm Equestrian Village, UK

August 5-7, 2022

Camp Leaping Horn

Gladstone, NJ

July, 2022

2021 Final Standings:

Updated January 15, 2022

Competitive Mounted

Savannah Grace Holly: 204

Stacey Rusic: 135

Jacquelynn Holly: 83.5
Jeannie Whited: 51

Mary Musheno: 49

Holly Ray: 42.5

Anne Vin .. 18

Anne Moss: 10

Tammie Conway: 8

Non-Competitive Mounted

Jacquelynn Holly: 170

Tammie Conway: 90

Savannah Grace Holly: 65

Laureen Bartfield: 60

Barbara Drogo: 60

Delaney Kenney: 50
Anne Moss: 40

Holly Ray: 30
Aiden Kenney: 20

Mary Musheno: 20

Jeannie Whited: 4


Jacquelynn Holly: 695

Pie Truono 312
Tammie Conway: 237.5

Savvannah Grace: 155
Jeannie Whited: 90
Stephanie Conway: 60

Holly Ray: 40

Delaney Kenney: 37.5
Laureen Bartfield: 30

Barbara Drogo: 25  


Stacey Rusic: 60

Virtual Shows and Events

Pie Truono: 1783

Marybeth Walker: 1203

Delaney Kenney: 480

Tammie Conway: 327

Savannah Grace Holly: 223

Jacquelynn Holly: 130

Aiden Kenney: 80

Laureen Bartfield: 66

Stacey Rusic: 58

Barbara Drogo: 22

Aside Mileage Challenge

Delaney Kenney: 86 miles

Jacquelynn Holly: 71.7 miles

Tammie Conway:50.04 miles
Laureen Bartfield: 39.4 miles

Savannah Grace Holly: 33 miles

Aiden Kenney: 28.6 miles

Pie Truono: 25.7 miles

Jeannie Whited: 6.05

stacey sofia clarke isso hat.jpg

Above Photo of Stacey Sofia Clarke sporting her new ISSO hat while hanging with her guys this winter.

elite jan feb article.jpg
elite jan feb article 2.jpg
VAS Saddle Horse Champs 2022-2177_2583x3870_4905151.jpg

Photo to Left of Stacey Rusic competing on “Zinzan” owned by a friend, Cassandra Troon.


This was the horses 3rd ever side saddle ride and we competed in the most prestigious event for his breed, the Harness Racing Victoria HERO Final for Standardbreds.


We came a very respectable 4th place which is the highest this horse has placed in the event out of previous years. 

Photo Credit: Mane Memories Photography 

If you would like to submit your photos for the next publication, have a special birthday to celebrate, or know of any additional side saddle related dates that you would like added

to the calendar please

submit them to

lisa and krissy.jpg
krissy lisa hats.jpg

Photo Above Left of Krissy Greenleaf and Lisa Cowan at the Stirrup Cup on the first hunt of Hunt Week at the Jackson Fixture. Photo Credit from nice hunt member.

Selfie Photo Above Right of Krissy Greenleaf, Lisa Cowan, and Amanda Palmer (moving left to right) celebrating at the trailers on Day 3 of Hunting at Hunt Weeks Lexington Fixture in Aiken, SC

Below Photo to Left of Lisa Cowan accepting the halter from Master Betsy Minton for the Best Turned out Award at Hunt Week in Aiken, SC. Photo Credit 

Below Selfie Photo to Right of Krissy Greenleaf and Lisa Cowan. 

All of the Photos were with Whiskey Road Foxhounds 2022 Hunt Week

lisa best turned out award.jpg
selfie lisa and krissy.jpg

Photo Below of Krissy Greenleaf and Lisa Cowan, at Hunt Week in Aiken, SC

Photo Credit Z Huang

lisa and krissy aside.jpg
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