Aside World Magazine

Spring 2020 Issue 

Current Projects

Nats saddle cover near side.jpeg

Photos left and below: Natasha's home made western side saddle cover.

Submitted by Natasha Corpas.

Nats saddle cover on top.jpeg
Nats saddle cover front.jpeg

Below Left to Right is additional views of Nat's western side saddle cover she made while on self-quarantine in New York:  off side view, near side view, and the stirrup bag to protect your stirrup iron. 

Nats saddle cover off side.jpeg
Nats saddle cover near side.jpeg
Nats stirrup cover.jpeg

Below are pictures of an Astride Saddle Cover Nat made after completing her aside saddle

Near Side Astride English Cover
Off Side with Stirrup Covers
Back of Astride Saddle Cover
Front view of Astride Cover

If you are a member and would like to share your side saddle related project (this can be sewing, horse, leatherwork, etc.) then please email information and pictures to