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Summer/Fall 2021 Issue 

International Side Saddle Organization

President's Letter

August 26, 2021


Happy Summer!


I hope you all are staying cool this summer!.  It has been mighty toasty here in Wilmington, Delaware. I was pleasantly surprised that things were able to open up this summer and we could all get outside and enjoy a bit of social interaction.  It was truly a blessing to have been able to attend Camp Leaping Horn as an auditor this year.  I would have loved to have brought my new horse Pineapple to Camp, but my husband and I were on a tour of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. The logistics and timing made it tough since we arrived back the day before the camp had started. Lucky for me, I was able to see our beautiful scenic country and hang out with some incredible friends. 


I am always amazed at the complete immersion of all things Side Saddle while at Camp. ISSO hosted a gourmet catered dinner for the campers and a judge’s perspective mock show. Our hope was to give the campers a dress rehearsal for the ins and outs of the Ladies Side Saddle Division. We were very fortunate to have Lou Steinfort as our judge. Her wealth of knowledge at the show and the lessons she taught were extremely informative and truly enjoyable.  In addition, Laureen Bartfield, looked gorgeous in her mustard colored habit on her amazing Mustang Miles in the Historical Habit Turnout class judged and reviewed by the talented Kate Hopkins. The caliber of people that attended this Camp completely blew me away. I am also completely humbled to be part of a board that is composed of some very impressive Side Saddle Queens. I would like to thank each and every one of them for being a pillar of support, while we try to navigate a new path for our organization. 


ISSO has been working hard on several fronts. First, we have expanded into new territory with a new instructor in Australia! Stacey Rusic was just certified as a Level 3 ISSO side saddle instructor. If you recall, she was our last virtual horse show judge. Congratulations to Stacey! We are more than thrilled to add her to our team of side saddle instructors from all over the world. Emma Brown from the United Kingdom was also recently added to the roster of level 3 Instructors. Some of you may have met Emma at Camping Leaping Horn a few years ago when she joined us from across the Pond!  We are hoping to offer certification on a broader level very soon. It is one of our top goals in the next few months. Moreover, we have another fun virtual show scheduled for the end of September, so get your photos ready.  

Also, keep your eyes out for the new edition of Elite Equestrian Magazine, hitting newsstands very soon.  Last but not least, we are in the process of making some updates to our website, which now include all traffic from  Our hope is to make the site easier to use and frequently updated with current news and stock!  




Pie Truono

ISSO President

pie on vaca.jpeg

My hubby Dan and I riding at a Dude Ranch while touring Wyoming.  This is the second time he has been on a horse!  He was such a natural, I think I should look for a husband horse now:)    I am fortunate enough to say our 25th Anniversary is on September 7th this year!