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Aside World Magazine
Winter 2022 Issue 

International Side Saddle Organization

President's Letter

Happy New Year!  


Whew… I don’t know about you, but I was tentative about the coming of the New Year.   Once 2022 settled in, I was imagining a great year ahead filled with a bunch of great side saddle fun ahead. ISSO would love to hear of your 2022 plans as well. Drop us an email, letter, or message and let us know what you have planned for this year.  We would love to feature your endeavors in Aside World, which is headed by our amazing Editor extraordinaire (and secretary)  Tammie Conway.  Personally, I am hoping to do more with my fairly new to me  Dutch warmblood, Pineapple.  I have had him for a little over a year now and his endeavor with sideways riding started last May. Being a been- there- done-that show hunter, he is still wondering where my right leg has gone!  But he is a good guy and I am really having a ton of fun with him.  Isn’t that why we do this?! 


As I reflect on 2021, I can see all the great work that the ISSO board was able to achieve. The Side Saddlery was moved from Shelly’s house to its new home in Delaware. 20+ TSS side saddles were able to find new homes and the former TSS website was redirected to our main site We hosted 2 swag shops, 3 virtual shows, had a virtual annual meeting with 4 speakers and made a big presence at Camp Leaping Horn by having a “booth”, a Judge’s Perspective and Riding exhibition and a beautifully catered lunch and dinner for the campers.  In 2021 we also certified International instructors living in the UK and Australia and had 4 editorials in Elite Equestrian Magazine. In addition, we launched our Logo Contest, and had a Christmas ornament fundraiser for our Scholarship program! 


This year our Annual Gathering will be held virtually on March 19, 2022 via Zoom.  We are planning a fun filled day of camaraderie combined with educational speakers.  We will also have our yearly official meeting and the much anticipated year end awards presentation.  I was especially impressed by the amount of participants this year, especially in our mileage program!    Wow!  Keep up the good work!   Stay tuned for more information on our 2022 Annual Meeting. We hope to see you there! 


Pie Truono

ISSO President

tss booth pc carla.jpg

Photo Above from 2021 Virtual Clinic talk at Annual Meeting.

Photo to Left of some of the tack sold at CLH in ISSO's Booth

Photo Below Left of Pie, Jeannie, and Barb inside ISSO's Tack Booth

Photo Below Right of outside of tack booth at Camp Leaping Horn

tss booth group pc carla.jpg
isso stall sale.jpg
isso ornament.jpg
food on opening night.jpg

Photo Above of part of the food sponsored by ISSO at Camp Leaping Horn

Photo to Left of ISSOs Christmas Ornament for Scholarship Fund Raiser!

Photos Below Left and Right of Jan/Feb 2022 Elite Equestrian ISSO Article

elite jan feb article.jpg
elite jan feb article 2.jpg

Photo Below of our Swag Store Announcement

Photo to Right of Savannah Grace with her Champion ribbon from ISSO's last Virtual Show of the Year.

online store.jpg
savannah with virtual ribbon.jpg
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