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Jennifer Ruse of Clinton Wisconsin, sends her side saddle adventure to share.

Jennifer was asked to participate in an all equine parade in her homethown of Clinton, WI. The attire selected for her group was 1910 era. Although she only had a short time to prepare (3 weeks!) she acquired a side saddle graciously loaned by a friend and proceeded to learn as much as she could in a very short period of time.

Her horse, MOOSE, is a 15.2hh Mustang/Arab cross and is her true love. Together he and Jennifer worked towards their mutual goal of riding aside.. They've both had some hunt training, and Moose is most understanding of her quirky ideas.



Jennifer spent non riding time emailing various side saddle organizations, participating in side saddle discussions on line and generally getting herself up to speed on what she needed to do. She taught herself from the information she'd garnered and spent days practicing her aside skills. Nights were spent sewing to perfect her costume.


In a very short time, she and Moose grew more confident with their aside skills and Jennifer began riding in her habit skirt. The neighbors were most likely confused as to just what she and Moose were up to in the yard. Expecting rain on the day of the parade, she even practiced riding with an umbrella!

The big day arrived and sure enough, it rained on her parade. The event was cancelled due to thunderstorms. Jennifer returned her loaner saddle and hopes to find one of her own soon, so she can resume her aside adventure.

The ISSO wishes her well and we hope to hear from her soon!


If you'd like to view a video of Jennifer practicing for their big day, here you go!