Side Saddle Books & Links

These links represent only a few of the many side saddle resources online. The ISSO does not endorse any particular entity, but these have been well-reviewed over time. There are also numerous side saddle groups in Facebook (including our own!) and other social media like Pinterest. If you know of a link we should consider, please contact us.


  • Keep up with the latest side saddle events including the Annual Gathering, Clinics, Camp Leaping Horn, etc. by clicking on this link. 



  • There are many other texts that deal only in part with riding aside. You may find many of these via Google Books, Project Gutenberg, The Internet Archive, and other internet sources, in addition to book dealers.

Side Saddle Sales, Repair, and Maintenance


Habit Makers and Habit Patterns




Side Saddle Themed Gifts and Goodies