The ISSO clinic and Awards Banquet weekend, sadly, is over! Photos and updates will be added as they filter into the webminder, for those of you that were unable to join us.

What a blast we had. Friday night we had a great core strengthening and stretching clinic and social time at the hotel. Wine was involved. There was quite a bit of hilarity and everyone had an absolute hoot! More on the Stretching clinic to follow, hopefully, no pictures.

Saturday was loaded with clinics at the hotel, followed by saddle talks and riding lessons at FairWinds Stables in North East, MD.

Saturday night, the awards banquet was filled with good food, great laughs and excellent friends.


Friday Evening social time.

Friday Night we all got a chance to sit upon an antique side saddle, that was set up for roping.

The saddle is from Jeannie Whited's personal collection.

Now you can't say that the only thing you can't do aside is rope.

It was surprisingly comfortable and the roping horn did not interfere with riding position or mounting.

Sarah Bean tries out an antique roping saddle.
(Photo courtesy of Jeannie Whited.)

Kit Roszko, renowned International Hunt, "A" show rider, trainer and instructor, goes Western!

Yes, we got her into the roping saddle. It wasn't long before we had her decked out in a leather apron, beaded and fringed vest and a cowboy hat instead of a topper.

Woo Hoo! or is that Yee Haw!?
(Photo courtesy of Jeannie Whited.)

Saturday we had lectures, both at the hotel conference room at at FairWinds Stable Hotel lectures included:

  • "How to clean an antique habit," presented by Joan Farwell

  • "How to tie a stock tie," presented by Kit Roszko

  • "Musical Freestyle rides in England," a slide show presentation by Mary Anne Ost

  • "Side Saddle Trivia," a game hosted by Anne Moss


Linda Flemmer from the ISSO store, The Side Saddlery, who spoke at length on saddle types,

fitting and a wealth of side saddle history.

Saturday's lecture at FairWinds Stable was very well attended, from new side saddlers,

to experienced, we all learned something.

Here Linda is removing a queen to show the upright head of a saddle.

There were antique to modern saddles, english to western to catalog and a few that defy a specific category for description.

Linda Flemmer lectures on saddle types, fitting and history.
(Photo courtesy of Jeannie Whited.)

Linda Flemmer discusses an antique side saddle.
(Photo courtesy of Lisa-Marie Beckwith.)

Saturday - Riding Lessons

Lessons were offered at three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

All horses and riders were checked for fit of saddle and required safety equipment prior to mounting and riding.

Barb Thelen asked for an "Introduction to Dressage" lesson from Anne Moss.

She got what she asked for...

Western Dressage, here she comes. Barb has yet to tell her own horse. He's been so happy to be a trail horse all these years.

New member, Jean Filletti, was in the same session as Barb, riding her very handsome Arabian gelding.

Jean was outfitted with an older western side saddle and her charming black horse took to it like a real champ.

Look for them in the Arabian show ring and riding demonstrations.

Barb Thelen riding Mary Anne Ost's Quarter Horse, "Dundee".
Watch for "Dundee" and Mary Anne at Devon this year.

(Photo courtesy of Jeannie Whited.)

Jean Filletti riding her Arabian gelding in a Western Side Saddle.

(Photo courtesy of Jeannie Whited.)

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