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Summer 2020 Issue 

Meet Our 5000th ISSO Member! 

We are excited to welcome and announce ISSO's 5000th member, Savannah Grace Holly, to the organization! She is an adorable 3 year old (in June of this year!) that loves side saddle and hails from Idaho. She is our youngest member and started riding earlier this year, although she sat on a western saddle a few years ago, she has only ridden aside since starting riding! She is fortunate to ride in a child's side saddle from the late Roger Philpot's collection that her mother Jacquelynn was lucky to obtain after the auction. We asked Jacquelynn if she would mind interviewing Savanah Grace for our "New Member Spotlight" section and she so graciously agreed. We hope you don't mind the modified questions but given her age we thought these may be a little more appropriate, lol. I just love her responses and hope you will as well along with the beautiful photographs. We again are happy to welcome Savannah Grace to ISSO and  hope to have her as a member for many more years to come! We can't wait to see what you accomplish!

New Member Spotlight: Savannah Grace Holly

Photo Credits for this page: Jacquelynn Holly, Betty Lou Crouch, Sharon Vanderlip

Interviewed by: Jacquelynn Holly 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Princess Anna! (From Frozen).

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite way to ride?

My saddle! (Points to her side saddle).

Who is your favorite animal?

Horse! 'Oxy (Roxy)! 'Osy (Rosy)! My cows! (We don't own cows, but when she sees them on the road they are "hers").

What is your favorite thing to do besides riding?  

Ride! ... Markers! (She is actually a wonderful artist for 3! See below a card she drew for a friend of Jacquelynn's in Afghanistan.)

Who is your favorite princess?


What is your favorite costume and do you have a picture? 

Anna! (See photos of the many different Anna dresses above and below).
































































































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