Aside World Magazine

Spring 2020 Issue 

International Side Saddle Organization

President's Letter

May 2020

Hello from…home.  It sure is a strange time in which we find ourselves.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has effected every American and indeed, people in almost every Country in the world. But I think we all selfishly think that it has effected us, the horse enthusiast, more. For those like me, who are lucky enough to have our horses at home, we may be getting in some more riding time.  But many board their horses and have been either prevented from seeing them, or have had their time with them restricted.  This, I cannot imagine.  It is hard on the horse owner AND the horses.  Beyond that, shows, competitions, races, and clinics have been canceled for the foreseeable future.  But, other opportunities have arisen – virtual shows, mileage challenges, the sharing of photos and experiences on social media to name a few. 


The new Board of Directors has been working hard to bring some changes to the ISSO calendar and Awards Program given the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.  We are announcing several new awards categories including a “Virtual Show” category and a mileage program.  (Please see the Awards Rules later in this newsletter). Note that we are also offering double points for any awards given in an ISSO sponsored event, of which we have several planned (Check our calendar).


Photo Credits: Tammie Conway,  a Nice stranger, and stock photo

It is going to be a challenging year for everyone.  This virus is not just going to disappear when the government and economy reopens.  There are many of us trying to keep a small business afloat, while others have lost their jobs.  Some folks have lost loved ones to the virus.  Others are fighting on the front lines.  It is our wish that everyone stay safe, and we sincerely hope that you get to spend some quality time with your human and animal friends. Please consider joining in the fun of our 2020 Awards Program and the activities that we will be announcing.  


Be safe, stay healthy, and ride aside!


Sincerely, Laureen

Laureen Bartfield, DVM CVA CVSMT