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Aside World Magazine

Winter  2020 Issue 

Current Projects

shellys apron project.JPG

Photo to left is of Shelly working on two panels that will go down the front of a Renaissance skirt. Photo below left is of closeup of green Renaissance skirt.  Photo below right is of detail from bottom of Shelly's Renaissance apron that  will go under the green skirt when completed.

Submitted by Shelly Liggett

shelly working on apron.JPG
shelly skirt project.JPG

Below: Kate Hopkins working on sleeves and the bodice for Jennifer Stevenson's Renaissance gown. This has been an ongoing project for over two years requiring multiple trips to New York and Etsy buys. Kate Hopkins designed the outfit with Jen's ideas in mind and has been instructing Jen on how to sew it. Jen's mother has done all the hand sewing for the many embellishments. It has been quite the team effort. The goal is to complete it this year. 

jens sleeve.JPG

If you are a member and would like to share your side saddle related project (this can be sewing, horse, leatherwork, etc.) then please email information and pictures to 

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