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Aside World Magazine
Winter 2022 Issue 

Remembering Audrey A. Bostwick
November 5, 1930 - January 13, 2022

Submitted by Kit Roszko:

The world lost an incredible lady in January, but the horse world lost an icon. I knew Audrey from my Pony Hunter days and through side saddle. She judged and also had her stewards license. I always remember when she would steward at a show and the Ladies Side Saddle Division was going she was always there.


About 40 years ago Audrey was coming to my farm to do a turn out clinic for the local driving group. I called her and asked if she could come early and give my friend Dottie and I a side saddle lesson, and by the way "I want to jump". I also told her I had only ridden aside a few times. At that time I could only canter (maybe) halfway around the ring on the left lead, then I had to walk and get back in the saddle. I learn a lot from her and did finish the lesson with a few jumps, but it was NOT pretty! The information and techniques she gave me helped me throughout my riding.


I saw her a few months after my lesson at a show and I was doing the AHSA side saddle division jumping 3 foot. At that time she asked me why I choose Troll as my side saddle horse. I told her he was the only horse I had in my barn at the time who could jump 3 foot. She said he cracked his back so hard, that was why it took me longer to get comfortable jumping aside. However, he did teach me how to ride side saddle better. I would always see her at Devon, and would discuss my ride with her, and she always put a positive comment on my ride and offered some advice about what I could do to be better. I will always cherish the memories of my time with her at shows and lunch with Elaine. 

Audrey was ISSO instructor of the year in1999, ISSO Judge of the year in 1990, and I think she was inducted into the ISSO hall of fame, but can’t remember what year. 

Submitted by Katie Kashner:

Prior to meeting Audrey, I had no experience with carriage driving or side saddle riding. I always thought it was only fitting that these two sports were Audrey’s favorite; both exemplify a true lady. My first exposure to sidesaddle was through Margaret Grillet. She would bring her horse, Kazmir, to Audrey’s farm to stay for a few days and take lessons each year. I always observed the lessons and was in awe of the style of riding. Margaret always encouraged me to try riding aside, and once during one of her visits, we pulled my spotted draft/thoroughbred cross out and fitted Audrey’s Champion & Wilton to him. Audrey taught me how to properly utilize all the equipment and we lunged Frankie first to make sure he could be comfortable with the balance girth. She helped me mount up and gave me my first lesson, always emphasizing right shoulder back as well as riding with tact and grace. From there I was hooked and took several lessons before finding Camp Leaping Horn. Audrey was so excited that I was heading to camp with Frankie and couldn’t wait to hear what Roger Philpot had to say about us. The biggest honor was the ability to wear her personal habit that she had custom made in Philadelphia by Brown and Brothers, Inc. With this turnout we were awarded the SSA Age of Elegance Award in 2018 and competed at the Devon Horse Show in 2019. Audrey was a tremendous mentor to me and I am so grateful for the education and support she provided me. 

Audrey Bostwick's Obituary

It is with heavy hearts we share the loss of Audrey Ann Bostwick of Perkasie, Pennsylvania on January 13, 2022.

Born in Philadelphia on November 5, 1930, she was the daughter of the late James and Margaret (Bacon) Bostwick.

Audrey leaves behind her dear friend and companion, Elaine Kendig, her goddaughter Melinda DeCesare, and her close friend and mentee, Katie Kashner, as well as countless students and community members she influenced in her lifetime.

Growing up in Mount Airy, Pennsylvania, Audrey graduated from The Stevens School and later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and Master’s of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Audrey’s early careers included nursery school teacher, social worker, and positions within educational program research and development.

An avid horsewoman and humanitarian, Audrey leaves behind a notable legacy. She started riding at the age of five and spent her early life riding and driving in Wissahickon Park. Her lifelong passion for all things equestrian led to her many accomplishments and affiliations. Audrey participated as a competitor, instructor, and clinician in many disciplines including hunter/jumpers and equitation, side saddle, and carriage driving.

Audrey was a licensed judge, steward, and technical delegate specializing in pleasure driving (The American Driving Society, Inc., United States Equestrian Federation, and American Horse Show Association, Inc.), Hunter/Jumper and Equitation (AHSA), as well as Side Saddle (International Side Saddle Organization). Audrey was a founding member of The American Driving Society, Inc. and served in various roles within the organization.

Audrey’s specialty in pleasure driving gained her participation and coaching opportunities at notable competitions throughout the United States, Canada, and England. As one of the most recognizable and beloved figures in the pleasure driving community, she leaves behind a network of those brought together by her endearing personality.

Her commitment to education was evident in her efforts with The American Driving Society and Delaware Valley University. Audrey taught at Delaware Valley University as an adjunct instructor in the Equine Science & Management program for nearly twenty years. In this position, she was a mentor and friend to countless students, sharing her passion for carriage driving, side saddle, and intercollegiate riding.

Audrey especially enjoyed her time spent at her home farm in Perkasie with her beloved ponies and dogs. An avid reader and book club member, she studied tree species, historical barns, and bird watching. Audrey never missed the opportunity for writing thank-you notes and handwritten letters. Anyone who spent time with Audrey knew of her sweet tooth and her penchant for ice cream and desserts.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in honor of Audrey to the Delaware Valley University Equine Department and/or The American Driving Society, Inc.

Audrey was instrumental in her contributions to the equine programs at Delaware Valley University. She taught, mentored, and employed countless students over the years. Donations in Audrey’s name will benefit the students, horses, and programs. Donations with Audrey’s name can be sent to:
Delaware Valley University
Office of Development
700 E Butler Avenue
Doylestown, PA 18901

Audrey was passionate about the art of carriage driving and actively participated in the governance and direction of the sport for 47 years. Donations in Audrey’s name to the American Driving Society, Inc. will help to promote the sport of carriage driving. Donations with Audrey’s name can be made at or sent to:
PO Box 278
Cross Plains, WI 53528

audrey and rodger.jpeg

Audrey and Roger in 2002

katie and frankie.jpg

Photo to Left is of one of Katie Kashner's favorite photos of Audrey. 

Photo to Left is of Katie Kashner riding in Audrey's habit at Devon Horse Show. 

Photo Credit Jennifer MacNeill Photography

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