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Spring 2020 Issue 

Side Saddle Treasures

Photo above is a statue of Queen Elizabeth owned by Shelly Liggett

I purchased this while  shopping in Upstate New York from a vendor in a large antique emporium. I am not sure he realized exactly what he had as the price I paid was nothing compared to what I later saw on EBAY. 

This piece is a cast iron advertising sign depicting a woman in a top hat galloping side saddle done in what's called half round. It is circa 1903 and was the trademark for a company called Cincinnati Stove Works which was incorporated in the late 1870s. This company was a leading manufacturer of cooking stoves and other related items such as pots, skillets, riddles, iron heaters, tea kettles and stove remain parts. I have seen it offered on Ebay for anywhere from $3500.00 to $5000.00.

Pictures above and to right.

Submitted by Mary Beth Walker

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Photo to left: Gold wall decor of a side saddle lady.

Photo to far left:  Ceramic side saddle lady tile made by Anne Moss of Blow Horn Pottery for Camp Leaping Horn in 2018.

Submitted by Jennifer Stevenson

Pictures to the right are a collection of four side saddle ladies that was given to Donna Marron by her husband for a Christmas gift.

Submitted by Donna Marron

If you are a member and would like to share your side saddle treasures, please email information and pictures to



Pictures to Right include: An antique umbrella handle made into a sidesaddle whip an a Collars and Cuffs box (it's printed in the design) probably dating to the 1880's 

Submitted by Geisha Elsea

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