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Throw Back Corner

Member Pictures

Pictures of some of Jeannie Whited's costumes over the years at Liberty Side Saddle Network USET Summer show

Picture to Left of "I Dream of Jeannie" on Equishare Bonnie, Photo Credit: BHS Photography


Picture to Right of Speight Me in his Safari ware

Photo Credit: Paws & Rewind

Picture Below Left of

Equishare Bonnie in victorian habit

Photo Credit: BHS Photography

Picture Above of Dyan Paquette riding Cefiro de Fenix

Photo Credit: Jessie Miller

Picture to Far Left:

Marin Kay Greiner rider, Mary Musheno leadline walker at Devon Horse Show in 2017.


Photo Credit: Ashley Spangler

Picture to Near Left:

Mary Musheno and Susan Oakes at Cheshire Hunt Point to Point in March of 2016.


Photo Credit: Jim Graham 

Picture to Left:  Pie Truono and Abigail Thurston after hunting with Middleburg Hunt on October 1, 2018 

Photo Credit: nice person

Picture Above Right: Barbara Drogo on Ladybug at Middleburg Hunt October 1, 2018   Photo Credit: Middleburg Photography

Picture Above: Donna Marron and Bernard out hunting

Photo Credit: Middleburg Photography

Picture to Left: Barbara Drogo and Kiara at Camp Leaping Horn 

Photo Credit: Paws and Rewind


Picture Below Right: Laureen Bartfield, DVM on Miles Fidelis in victorian habit at Liberty Side Saddle Network show at USET in 2015.

Photo Credit: Paws and Rewind 

Picture Above is of Lynn Berry in second flight at the opening meet with Smithtown Hunt last November. She attended Camp Leaping Horn last year then proudly rode aside in this hunt and said "it was an amazing experience!!" 

Marble Surface

Can you guess

who is in the photos above and to the left?? 

The submission to the Left was from Pat Blaire when she was working on a historic clothing and costume display at the end of 2019. This was a preview photo for a museum in Oregon City near Portland Oregon which was a major destination for school children and groups. They had planned on doing a Living History talk with museum visitors once a month during the exhibit run. The blue bodice is from about 1900, hand sewn and boned but very fragile silk, matched up with some things from her costume closet. The red is a modern version of the military style (so popular with Victorians) and a copy of a Victorian riding skirt. She was designing hats to match at the time. 

Throw Back Article

from Side Saddle News November 1979

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