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Winter 2020 Issue 

Throw Back Corner

Member Pictures

First Picture:

Anne Moss out hunting in Aiken on Betty Alexander's horse Gandalf.

Photographer: Aiken photographer

Second Picture: 

Anne Moss and Sarah Gartland taking selfie while out hunting in Aiken.

Photographer: Selfie


Third Picture:

Anne Moss out jumping Uncy while hunting.

 Photographer: Jon Smith

First Picture:

Laureen Bartfield jumping at USET show on Black Tie 

Photographer: Bruce Scarborough

Second Picture:

Laureen Bartfield on Miles at USET show doing an obstacle course

Photographer: Paws and Rewind

Third Picture: 

Laureen Bartfield on Miles 

Photographer: Nice Stanger with Laureen's phone

Left:  Roger Philpot at the 2015 ISSO Annual Gathering (held at the Quentin Riding Club) giving one (of many) lectures on side saddle construction and safety.   

Photographer: Paws and Rewind LLC

Right:  Anne Moss at the 2015 ISSO Annual Gathering working in a lesson with Roger Philpot.

Videographer: Paws and Rewind LLC

Throw Back Article

from Aside World June/July/August 1988

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