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Summer 2019 Issue 

Current Projects

Aside World Barbara Drogo and KiaraWeari

 This is Kiara at age six, not long after I brought her home a year ago. When I decided to take up aside riding, I first shopped for a saddle that fit me, and then looked for a horse to fit the saddle. Lo and behold, I found my heart horse! She's a Friesian/Standardbred cross and was green broke when I got her. We've been working hard this past year — trails, weekly lessons, transitions, circles, straight lines, ground work — all with some sidesaddle work thrown into the mix. I'm so excited to be taking her to Camp Leaping Horn this July. She doesn't mind the side saddle at all, and in fact, we finally cantered aside for the first time about a month ago. LOVE those Friesian gaits under a side saddle. It's worth every minute of the past year's work. We still have a long way to go but the journey has been good. When people ask why I ride side saddle, I always say, "Because it's fun!" 
Submitted by Barbara Drogo 

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