Aside World Magazine
Summer/Fall 2021 Issue 

Current Happenings Summer/Fall 2021
Current and Upcoming

Side Saddle Event Dates: 

Online Horse Showing

ISSO Sponsored Side Saddle Class

September 8, 2021

Idaho Sidesaddle Association Hat Making Day

Boise, Idaho

September 12, 2021 10 am

Idaho Sidesaddle Association Dissection Day

Boise, Idaho

September 18, 2021 4-5pm


Idaho Sidesaddle Association Fall Photoshoot

Eagle, Idaho

September 26, 2021

ISSO All Side Saddle Virtual Show

Double Pointed for Year End ISSO Awards

September 18-October 2, 2021

National Veteran Championships

United Kingdom

October 1-3, 2021

International Side Saddle Association

Virtual Store

Opens October 15th, closes October 30th 2021

International Side Saddle Association

Annual Meeting and Clinic

**Save the Date**

March, 2022

Sides Saddle Clinic Joint Hosting by

Idaho Sidesaddle Association and

International Side Saddle Organization

Boise, Idaho

May 14-15, 2022

Idaho Sidesaddle Association

Charra Demonstration

Boise, Idaho

May 16, 2022


Camp Leaping Horn

Gladstone, NJ

July, 2022

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sept 18, 2021.jpg
sept 26, 2021.jpg
may 2022 clinic.jpg
may 2022 clinic charra.jpg
Several Open Books

We would like to extend a very well deserved

"Congratulations" to Stacey Rusic for obtaining her

Advanced Instructor certification!


Photo to Right of Pat Blaire's Piper with her 5 ribbons from the ISSO Summer Virtual Show

Photo Credit: Pat Blaire

piper with ribbons.jpg
Laureen Bartfield & Miles.jpg

Photo to Left of Laureen Bartfield, DVM and her Mustang Miles at ISSO's mounted mock show and demo after Camp Leaping Horn in her beautiful Concours D' Elegance habit.

Photo Credit: Paws and Rewind

Photo Below of Pete taking a nap at Camp Leaping Horn. It is exhausting being this cute!

Photo Credit: Laureen Bartfield, DVM

bemer p.jpg

Photo Above of Tammie Conway's Porter getting a relaxing Bemer session at Camp Leaping Horn courtesy of Laureen Bartfield, DVM.

Porter said Thanks Auntie Laureen!

Photo Credit: Tammie Conway

pete at clh.jpg
boot right.jpg

Photos Below and to the Left and Right of new to me Der Dau boots, care of Carolyn Penna. Thanks a TON, they fit perfect!

Submitted by Tammie Conway

boot front.jpg
p and keira.jpg

Photo to Left of Barb Drogo's Kiera & Tammie Conway's Porter walking to go eat some grass after lessons at Camp Leaping Horn. What a cute couple, they whinny across the aisle when the other leaves!

Photo Credit Tammie Conway

Photo to Right of Merlin's winnings at his first horse show! ​

Photo Credit Kate Hopkins

Merlin ribbons.jpg

Photos to left are from this summer's ISSO members in Oregon Ladies Aside adventures. The blue plates were at  an Oregon Trail historical side saddle display for The Marion County Fair (and won 2nd place and Judge's Choice ribbons).


Others were in July when they did a living history exhibit and side saddle "try on" at the end of the Oregon Trail interactive museum Philip Foster Farm. We displayed 3 historical side saddles with matching riding habits (Civil War era, Victorian and Edwardian) and had a side saddle and habits for visitors to try on and have their photo taken.

Photo Credit Pat Blaire

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Photos above are of Savannah Grace during her recent adventures showing and her winnings.

Photo Credit Jacquelynn Holly

2021 Current Standings:

thru August 31, 2021, contact

for any discrepancies

Competitive Mounted

Stacey Rusic: 76.5
Jeannie Whited 31

Anne Moss: 10
Mary Musheno: 9

Non-Competitive Mounted

Jacquelynn Holly: 170

Laureen Bartfield: 60

Tammie Conway: 60

Barbara Drogo: 50

Delaney Kenney: 50
Anne Moss: 40
Aiden Kenney: 20


Jacquelynn Holly: 470

Pie Truono 220
Tammie Conway: 180
Jeannie Whited: 90
Stephanie Conway: 60
Savannah Grace Holly: 30 

Laureen Bartfield: 30

Delaney Kenney: 12.5

Barbara Drogo: 10  



Virtual Shows and Events

Pie Truono: 1073

Marybeth Walker: 875.5

Delaney Kenney: 209

Tammie Conway: 179

Laureen Bartfield: 66

Jacquelynn Holly: 31
Aiden Kenney: 26

Barbara Drogo: 22

Aside Mileage Challenge

Jacquelynn Holly: 69.5

Delaney Kenney: 62.1

Tammie Conway: 22.09
Aiden Kenney: 19.5

Pie Truono: 11.9

Jeannie Whited: 6.05
Savannah Grace Holly: 6

Laureen Bartfield: 4.6

Friendly REMINDER, we ARE enforcing the 30 day post event deadline  so please remember to submit points through the website's "ISSO Points Submission" tab at the top of the page for them to count!

We don't want you to work and not be rewarded.  

If you have any questions please email 


We are delighted to tell you we are continuing the Virtual Show category for year end awardsISSO Aside Mileage Challenge, and 2021 Hat Contest. Please click on links for further information or reach out to

amy teaching.jpg

Above Photo of Amy Magee working on a saddle at Camp Leaping Horn with onlookers.

Photo to Right of close up of Amy lacing up panel at CLH.

Photo Below of Amy helping fit a saddle for Laureen Bartfield.

Photo Credit: Carla Peetros

amy sewing panel on at camp.JPG
amy helping Laureen at camp.jpg
amy teaching at CLH.jpg

Photo Below of Amy discussing saddles at Camp Leaping Horn with Laureen Bartfield listening closely.

Photo Credit: Carla Peetros

We would like to congratulate Sarah McKay on being appointed

Treasurer for ISSO! Welcome Aboard!!

Sarah McKay has been an avid equestrian since the age of 8 years old and grew up in Central Virginia. Training under Sally Lamb and various influential instructors, Sarah competed in the Hunter/Jumper rings as a teenager while developing a passion for foxhunting and side saddle. After graduate school, Sarah moved to Minnesota and then Missouri, where she actively pursues her love of foxhunting and side saddle. In 2020, Sarah co-founded a private foxhunting pack, Ozark Highland Hounds, where she currently serves as President and co-Master. As part of this role, Sarah is also diligent in providing well maintained and transparent financial and organizational records. In addition to the hunt, Sarah enjoys volunteering at local therapy barns and sharing her love of side saddle and foxhunting with fellow riders, especially juniors. 


Outside of her equestrian pursuits, Sarah is the Director of Market Development at the National Corn Growers Association. Sarah provides key support to NCGA’s animal agriculture, industrial use and new use efforts. Prior to NCGA, Sarah worked as a part of the procurement/supply chain team supporting dairy operations at General Mills. She earned a master’s degree in agricultural and applied economic management from Virginia Tech and bachelor’s degrees in both animal and poultry sciences, and agricultural applied economics with an emphasis in international trade and development from the same institution.

barbara baum.jpg

We would like to wish Barbara Baum a very

Happy 90th Birthday!

If you would like to submit your photos for the next publication, have a special birthday to celebrate, or know of any additional side saddle related dates that you would like added to the calendar please submit them to

baby holly.jpg
savannah and baby holly.jpg

We would like to congratulate Jacquelynn Holly on the newest addition to the Holly family and welcome our next side saddle rider!!

Adelynn “Addie” Layne

Born on Friday, October 8, 2021!